New Feature!

New Feature T100!

Posts on this site will only be available for 6 weeks. This is to stop people from coming in for a month, at a lower level, and grabbing 3 months or more worth of content and then coming back again in 3 months to grab more. Essentially they are getting 3 months or more of content for a one month price. At 6 weeks, the most they can get on older posts is 2 weeks. We all discussed it and think that would be fair. They get a month, that they paid for, and then 2 weeks for joining.

One of the benefits of being a T100 member is that you will have access to posts longer. We haven't decided for how long, but at least 3 months. What I have done is created an archives page that only T100 members will have access to. To access it click on the members menu up top. On the bottom of that menu you will see Archives. All of the posts will be on that page listed.


If you are not a T100 member you will get the following message.


If anyone has any other suggestions at any time I can always be contacted using the Contact Link up top.

As always,
Thank You for supporting Natalie!

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