Natalie Grace is a 12 year old cheerleader, model, tik-toker and influencer on Instagram. She recently signed with talent management in LA and has started acting classes to become an actress as well. 

This past year was her first year back in cheer after transitioning from gymnastics and she absolutely loved it! Her all star team had an amazing year and became NCA champions!! If you don’t already know, that is a BIG deal! At their very first competition of the season, they received a bid to go to Summit, which is held in Orlando, FL in May. Natalie was so excited about this but sadly it was cancelled due to the corona virus pandemic. Hopefully her team will have another great year and she will get to go next year. This year she will be cheering for her middle school as well as continuing to cheer for her all star team.

Most of you know that Natalie just started modeling last summer. So we are just under a year into this and she loves it! She got to walk in New York Fashion week in February and she absolutely loved the runway! She did amazing, especially for her first time. The whole trip to New York was a great experience for her. She did a lot of fun things, met lots of new friends and developed some really great friendships. She was super excited to walk in LA fashion week in March but again…it got cancelled due to the pandemic. She still has lots of opportunities to walk the runways around the world but right now we don’t know what that looks like until everything gets back to normal. Once we know we will update you. 

Thank you so much for all of the support and thank you for visiting the new website! She couldn’t do everything she is doing right now without her sponsors and she knows how fortunate she is to have each of you. 


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